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About Us

Founded in 1937, Hollywood Door Company has been family-owned and operated for over 75 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, providing our customers with honest, professional, and dependable customer service for all of their garage door and operator needs.




  • 1937-1945 – Ernest E. Pierce began his garage door business in the backyard behind the boarding house where he lived on Columbia Ave. He chose the name “Hollywood” because, in his words, “Back in the 30’s, Hollywood held more glamour than today, and it was a name easy to remember”. By 1938, he had saved $194 in capital and purchased property on Yale Blvd (now SMU Blvd.). He moved his operation there in 1939. Shortly thereafter, he suspended operations due to World War II because of the inability to obtain materials for his business. During that time, he went to work for North American Aviation, which is now a part of Boeing.


  •   1945-1950 – When the war was over, Ernest resumed operations with a Crawford Door franchise to sell their products. Meanwhile, he was working on a new design for a disappearing attic stair. This was eventually patented in 1951, and was produced until 1994. It is still recognized as the finest product of its type and copied by many manufacturers.


  • 1950-1955  –  In the early 50’s, Ernest began manufacturing his own door products to sell. At that time, Hollywood was one of only three door companies in Dallas.  He developed his own version of a sectional door made with plywood, and we still see many in use today.  In 1952, more space was needed, so a new office and warehouse was constructed on Dyer St., just behind the property on Yale Blvd.  A Fort Worth location on Beach St. was established in 1951 and is still in operation.


  • 1955-1978 – In 1955, an 8-acre site was purchased on White Rock Trail. New plant and office facilities were constructed with over 140,000 square feet of space. Also in 1955 Ernest established Southwestern Steel Rolling Doors to produce heavy industrial rolling steel curtain doors. We still produce and ship these to our authorized dealers nationwide.


  • 1978 to present –   Ernest died in 1978 after spending his entire life devoted to caring for his family, business, and employees.   He was widely recognized as a leader in his field.  His family still continues the business with the same goals he had – to provide customers with the best products and service in the industry.